Lazer TroKar


TroKar Hooks – The Rules Have Changed

Rarely does the fishing industry see a new brand emerge as the category leader in such a short period of time, however the TroKar brand has been able to dominate the world of bass fishing and change the perception and value of the fishhook in the minds of today's discerning anglers. Bringing together two industries that were previously worlds apart, the medical and fishing industries, TroKar emerged with its Surgically Sharpened Technology and stunned it's competitors, all while keeping 100% of it's manufacturing in the United States of America.

Surgically Sharpened Technology, or SST, is the term used to describe the one-of-a-kind machinery and manufacturing techniques used to make the TroKar hook. SST comes from the medical field, where the sharpest instruments in the world are developed for all types of medical and veterinary medicine. Lazer TroKar worked hand-in-hand with one of the worlds leading manufacturers of surgical grade needles to develop and engineer a point specifically designed for fishing.

Fish Hooks are what we make. It all starts with quality components and materials, and the TroKar brand spares no expense when manufacturing their ultra sharp instruments. The base for their Surgically Sharpened fishhooks is an ultra clean high carbon steel with reduced impurities and increased carbon content that acts to amplify tensile strength and durability. Dubbed Q741, this specialized wire is then formed and cold forged, providing consistent grain flow and resulting in an increased strength-to-weight ratio…all very good things when a tournament win or an AOY title is at stake!

But Sharp is only half the story. With the development and improvements made to fishing line in recent years, the strength is increasing and the diameter is decreasing, making the need for a completely sealed and welded eye a must when seriously fishing in tournaments and for bragging rights. The TroKar TK130 and a host of the TroKar Saltwater hooks including the TK4 & TK5 circle hooks all feature a completely brazed and sealed eye. This brazed eye ensures the structural reliability of the hook and prevents the scoring and cutting of monofilaments as well as line-slip when using braided lines.

The innovation and quality American workmanship continues with the TroKar B.A.R.B. The TroKar BARB design features a hard-shelled co-polymer that is more durable, offers the utmost holding power, and reduces damage to soft-plastics. The TroKar BARB not only has a larger barb on the top of the shank, but a smaller dual-barb on the bottom of the shank, which helps increase bait retention and prevent baits from rotating as well. This one-of-a-kind and industry leading post-manufacturing retention device utilizes space age polymers and adhesives to marry itself to the hook, resulting in hours of casting without replacement.
If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, We are certainly blushing

The Lazer TroKar hooks are just another example of what happens when a professional tournament angler and a brain surgeon are locked in a room and left to design a fishhook…the result is a dominating tool that demands respect and instills confidence in any angler savvy enough to use it.